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Susanne Morris

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Greetings: Susanne Morris, County Clerk, and staff of the Madison County Clerk's Office welcome you to our website. Our goal is to provide our Madison County citizens and all those who utilize this office with professional and friendly service. We hope you find this web page helpful and user friendly; and we encourage you to follow the links as shown below that cover the County Clerk's varied areas of responsibilities. Should you need additional information, contact us, please.

Fee Schedule 

 Assumed Name (D.B.A.) Forms

Marks and Brands

Madison County Clerk is required to maintain a record of all livestock marks and brands.  All marks and brands expire on a set ten year period by the State of Texas.  All current marks and brands will expire on August 31, 2031.  Anyone wishing to file a marks and brands, that are not currently taken, will need to fill out an application with the County Clerk.  The filing fee is $26.00.  A person may record marks and brands in as many counties as necessary.

 Estray Act (Stray Livestock)

 The Texas Agriculture Code, Section 142 provides for a method of disposing estray livestock.


Application for Marks and Brands is linked below.
Marks and Brands Application 

Criminal Case Information

Criminal cases filed in County Court are typically Misdemeanor Class A or B.
Criminal cases are public records and anyone needing information regarding a case may contact this office at 936/241-6210.
Criminal cases are filed by the Madison County District Attorney or can be appealed to County Court from a Justice of the Peace of Municipal Court.
Payments on Criminal Cases:  Contact this office at 936/241-6210 to pay by phone with a credit card, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER OR AMERICAN EXPRESS, accepted – convenience fee applies, or send money order or cashier’s check (no personal checks accepted) to Madison County Clerk, 103 W. Trinity, Suite 104, Madisonville, Texas 77864.  We also accept cash payments, if paying in-person.

Foreclosure Notices
May be Viewed on the Public Notice Calendar (Click Here)

Local Vital Records - 
Application for Birth or Death
(Any application requested by mail must be notarized)


Certified copies of birth certificates are $23.00.

Note:  If you are requesting a birth certificate for the purpose of obtaining a passport; you are advised to contact the county of your birth and apply for a “long form” birth certificate. 

For persons born in Madison County – birth records from 1903 to present are available.  Some births prior to 1903 were filed as Delayed Birth Certificates (records filed more than one year after birth).

For persons born in other Texas Counties – Abstract Birth Certificates may be accessed by the County Clerk’s Office via the Texas Department of State Health Services, Vital Statistics Unit remote system.  Birth records in the VS remote system began in 1926. Remote access is not available for those having a Delayed Birth Certificate. 

For persons born outside of Texas – contact the Department of Health in the state of birth.

For persons born in foreign countries who are U. S. citizens at birth – contact Passport Services, Vital Records Section, U. S. Department of State, 1111 19th Street NW, Suite 510, Washington, DC 20522-1705.

Who may purchase a Birth Certificate?  Qualified applicants are defined as the person named on the certificate, mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, grandparent, legal guardian or legal representative.  Applicants must provide valid identification.

Note:  Birth records are considered “closed” for 75 years, except to qualified applicants.  Certified copies only are issued on bank note security paper with the State of Texas and Madison County seals.  Embossed seals are no longer required.

There is computer access to birth index information available in the County Clerk’s office.

Application for Birth Certificate is linked below.
Application Birth and Death Certificates


Certified copies for Death Certificates are $21.00 for the first copy and $4.00 for each additional copy per request.

Request in person – the applicant must be qualified, defined as mother, father, child, sister, brother, spouse, grandparent, legal guardian or legal representative of the deceased.  Applicant must provide valid identification.

Request by mail – complete the application including a copy of your valid driver’s license along with a check or money order payable to Madison County Clerk.  All requests by mail must be notarized, include a copy of valid ID.

The County Clerk’s office has Death Certificates from 1903 to present.  Death certificates are considered a closed record for 25 years, so only qualified applicants may obtain certified copies.  There is not a Vital Statistics statewide remote access for deaths.  A death certificate is filed in the county where the decedent expired.

There is computer access to death index information available in the County Clerk’s office.

Application for Death Certificate is linked below.





Application Birth and Death Certificate
Marriage Records
Application for Certified Copy of Marriage License

Voter Registration Information
Bobbie Duke, Elections Administrator

Texas Land Records
*Viewing property records indexes and images from March 23, 1838, to current

•All Madison County records are online at www.texaslandrecords.com

•A new feature has been added to Madison County's Texas Land Records Website.  You may view an "Unofficial Copy" of a document before printing.  Click on the red link.

•To print images there is a $1.00 fee charge per page.  Should you need support, call 1-800-782-5652.

Texas Court Help - texascourthelp.org
How to Apply for a Birth or Death Certificate from the State of Texas, Vital Statistics.
Office of Court Administration - https://www.txcourts.gov/rules-forms/orders-of-nondisclosure

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