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    Madison County A!erts has an important message to share with you.

    Madison County is currently under a burn ban.  Outdoor burning is prohibited in accordance with the order and shall continue for so long as such conditions exist, as they currently do, since we are experiencing extreme fire danger due to dry conditions in our area.  You may find more information on the county website at www.co.madison.tx.us and on our Facebook page. The information there also describes special procedures for welding during this time.

    Please use extra caution with ANY type of fire that might be necessary, including cigarettes, cigars, and cooking fires.   The smallest spark could cause the largest loss! 

    Again, Madison County continues to be under a burn ban.  Please use caution and help us stay safe out there…


    Madison County A!erts has an important message to share with you.

    Today’s total COVID count for Madison County residents that are not incarcerated is 213 cases since the pandemic began earlier this year. We have estimated that 71 of those cases are no longer active and consider 142 cases are possibly still active at this time.

    TDCJ Ferguson Unit report shows 430 total inmate cases, with 320 of them showing as recovered.

    The DSHS website shows a total of all of the above as 645 total cumulative cases, which a slight variance due to case reporting and documenting.

    Much more detailed information on our county cases can be found on our website at www.co.madison.tx.us. Please click on the Graphics, Charts and Statistics link on our home page. You may also click on the Testing Sites Availability for information on testing opportunities nearby.

    We urge our residents to continue to practice social distancing and good hygiene. Those persons who are considered to be part of our vulnerable population should continue to take additional precautions. Please be respectful of others when considering protective wear.

    Those who believe they may be sick should avoid being out in public if possible and seek medical care and guidance as needed.

    Stay well and Be Safe Out There! Thank you.